100 Words from Matthew Welton

100 Words from Matthew Welton

What I remember about physics is that each thing has its own properties.

Fit a bike with rubber tyres, you might get the occasional puncture but you’ll have a generally comfortable ride.

Stay away from the A-roads and you stay away from the traffic, plus you’ll probably get an uninterrupted view of uninterrupted village lanes.

A film that shows the everyday life of an East Midlands city might, when seen in an East Midlands cinema, demonstrate something you’d have to be there to understand.

Put the effort into riding your bike uphill, you get to freewheel down the other side.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Bike Books | French Revolutions, Richard Moore

disapTitle French Revolutions
Author Richard Moore
ISBN 0-999-43382-6
Richard Moore is your typical everyman, he could be us, which is what makes this book so engaging. He starts out just riding his bike for commuting purposes but then decides to follow the entire Tour de France route. From tentative early attempts to ride a racing bike and encountering the wildlife of London to France and riding around a car park because no-one will tell him the route and then charting his progress stage by stage. Whether alone, with a friend, or with his family in support he never loses heart and his writing reflects his love for cycling and his sense of humour.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

100 Words from Janet

Lost and hurt adult, confused and frightened teenager. Strangers, thrown together through changed
circumstances. Desperately seeking common ground, alighting on Channel 4’s newly televised Tour
de France, a small spark of connection a fascination with the mountains, a life long bond slowly
developing between father and daughter.

30 years later, tables turned, frightened adult, standing at the foot of Alp D’Huez. Summit too high
to be seen. Daunted, scared, memories flooding wishing my Dad was here. 2 hours 14 minutes and
21 bends later, crossing the finishing line triumphant.

Freedom, strength, empowerment, my bike.

100 Words from Kiran

My Personal Experience

I first learned how to ride a bicycle when I was 5 years old in Uganda. I use
to ride my first bicycle named “PRINCE” everywhere I went to show it off. I
use to go racing on my bicycle with my friends

Later I moved to London (UK) and still used my bicycle everywhere I went
including at work only this time my bicycle was a proper raleigh racer with 6

Sunday, 24 October 2010

100 Words from Arthur

"A joyful commute!"

I take the towpath to work
Pass moorhens and ducks
Or glimpse the hungry heron
As I pedal rhythmically by.
Other cyclists gesture a friendly greeting
Come squally rain or soothing sun.

How could I envy those that drive by car?
I get my twice daily dose of fresh air
(cheaper than a gym)– and what’s bizarre…
It's quicker!

Saturday, 9 October 2010

100 Words from Martin

There was a young man from Bali
Loved riding around on his Raleigh
Met a girl from Cullompton
And she rode a Brompton
And now they are extremely pally

Friday, 8 October 2010

100 Words from Adele

I’m jealous, I admit it. I love the lines of the dutch style city bikes and how neat their riders are swooping around town, backpack in the basket. On a sunny day I wonder if anything could be better. Of course I’ve only lately learned to ride. Learning to ride a bike at thirty is… not as hard as I thought. Nerve wracking but do able. I want to join them. Make up for lost time. I want one of those pretty city bikes. I want to swoop around with my backpack in the basket.

Saturday, 2 October 2010

100 Words from Andy

Miriam taught a whole gang of kids to ride one summer day in ’72

On the promise of a Play Street from sunrise to sunset

A ‘One bike fits all step-through challenge’

With linked circle of supporting hands

Momentum and direction (of sorts) from gridded Victorian Middlesbrough

Four left turns and one crash into a parked caravan later

Inspired !

I have not look back since

One long ride from Boro to Brooklyn from Sandy Bank to Santiago

Some pushes last a lifetime

The taste of fresh air & freedom leaves you wanting more

Sometimes with flies mostly with friends

Andy Salkeld